Clash & Bang

Talvin Singh’s reworking of Benjamin Britten’s original ‘Friday Afternoons’ song Jazz Man, gives a modern British Punjabi twist to the well-loved original. Singh says of the lyrics to this piece, ‘Noise is sometimes seen as something not so nice. But noise can also be good if it’s organized in a special way.’ You can have a lot of fun with this piece!

Vocal difficulty: 2 of 5
Accompaniment difficulty: 1 of 5


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Advice from Friday Afternoons Ambassadors Emily Barden and Charles MacDougall on how to count and keep a steady pulse.

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Friday Afternoons Ambassadors Dominic Ellis-Peckham and Emily Barden share their top tips on how to include dynamics into your singing.

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Friday Afternoons Ambassador Charlotte Brosnan shares some performance skills tips.

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Friday Afternoons Ambassadors Charlotte Brosnan and Dominic Ellis-Peckham demonstrate some techniques to help with singing high notes.

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Advice on breathing and airflow technique from Friday Afternoons Ambassadors Charles MacDougall and Tom Appleton.

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Students at the International Academy of Greenwich worked with Sectio Aurea on a project bringing together music and movement. Using Talvin Singh's 'Clash and Bang' as a starting point, the students created dance pieces.

Other Song Information

Song Credits

Music by
Talvin Singh

Words by
Eleanor Farjeon

Performance track:
Jubilee Opera Chorus
Conductor: Dominic Peckham
Accompanist: Nathan Williamson