I mun be married on Sunday

In this piece, written in 1936, we meet ‘Roister Doister’ who is a man of questionable morals. Roister takes a shining to a widow, Christian Custance, who is worth ‘a thousand pounds’. As such, he ‘Mun be married on Sunday!’

This is a piece full of words with its syllabic setting and pulsating rhythm. There’s a real urgency to Roister’s intent!

Vocal difficulty: 2 of 5
Accompaniment difficulty: 3 of 5


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A resource to help students explore the musical elements of I Mun Be Married on Sunday:
- Compound time
- Perfect 4ths
- Using harmony to underline climax

Lesson Plans

A KS2 lesson plan exploring I Mun Be Married on Sunday, exploring six subject areas:
- Understanding English, communication and languages
- Mathematical understanding
- Scientific and Technological understanding
- Historical, geographical and social understanding


Other Song Information

Song Credits

Music by
Benjamin Britten

Words by
Nicholas Udall

Performance track:
Singers: New London Children’s Choir
Conductor: Ronald Corp
Accompanist: Alexander Wells

Licensed by kind permission of Naxos