Children love to play with this fully crammed in, miniature song. In Carnegie Medal winning poet, Eleanor Farjeon, Britten had an expert lyricist to have fun with. A one-man-jazz-band walks the streets tooting, hooting, crashing and clanging.

If it’s ‘howling pandemonium’ that you’re after, look no further!

Vocal difficulty: 4 of 5
Accompaniment difficulty: 3 of 5


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YouTube video thumbnail image

Friday Afternoons Ambassadors Charlotte Brosnan and Dominic Ellis-Peckham demonstrate some techniques to help with singing high notes.

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Advice on breathing and airflow technique from Friday Afternoons Ambassadors Charles MacDougall and Tom Appleton.


A resource to help students explore the musical elements of Jazz-Man:
- Dissonance
- Tonal Scheme
- Recapitulation

Lesson Plans

A KS2 lesson plan for Jazz Man, exploring seven suggested subject areas:
- Understanding English, communication and languages
- Mathematical understanding
- Scientific and Technological understanding
- Information and Communications Technology


Other Song Information

Song Credits

Music by
Benjamin Britten

Words by
Eleanor Farjeon

Performance track:
Singers: New London Children’s Choir
Conductor: Ronald Corp
Accompanist: Alexander Wells

Licensed by kind permission of Naxos