Rice and Beans — and Plantain too!

I believe it is important to write about things that you care about. I was visiting Belize, the country of my birth, in 2017. The national dish is rice and beans which is eaten with fish or meat. Some people eat rice and beans every single day; I myself eat it every day when I am in Belize. Rice and beans is frequently served with coleslaw or potato salad. I am always extremely disappointed if plantain is not on my plate too!

The form of 'I Like Rice and Beans' is the same as Benjamin Britten’s 'Old Abram Brown' (in his Friday Afternoons collection of songs) which I sang at school.

Vocal difficulty: 3 of 5
Accompaniment difficulty: 5 of 5


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Other Song Information

Song Credits

Music by
Errollyn Wallen

Words by
Errollyn Wallen

Performance track:
Performed by the specially commissioned Hull Music Hub Massed Choir, featuring singers from the City of Hull Junior Choir, Hull Choral Union Junior Chorus, Kelvin Hall School, Wold Academy and, by special invitation, the Hymers College Year 6 Choir.
Directed by Charles MacDougall
Accompanied by Errollyn Wallen
Recorded by Mike Challis
Backing track:
Performed by Errollyn Wallen
Recorded by Mike Challis