A Sweet Shop in Jenin

When I first arrived in Jenin (Palestine), a man riding on a bicycle was calling out to me, asking me where I was from. I couldn’t believe it that the third country name he shouted out was “Belize!”, which is indeed where I was born. Then I saw a magnificent sweetshop which I am happy to remember in this song. Feel free to pick out solos, duets, trios etc. within this song.

Jenin is pronounced Ǧinīn.

Vocal difficulty: 4 of 5
Accompaniment difficulty: 5 of 5


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Other Song Information

Song Credits

Music by
Errollyn Wallen

Words by
Errollyn Wallen

Performance track:
Performed by the specially commissioned Hull Music Hub Massed Choir, featuring singers from the City of Hull Junior Choir, Hull Choral Union Junior Chorus, Kelvin Hall School, Wold Academy and, by special invitation, the Hymers College Year 6 Choir.
Directed by Charles MacDougall
Accompanied by Errollyn Wallen
Recorded by Mike Challis
Backing track:
Performed by Errollyn Wallen
Recorded by Mike Challis